How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Even before I started training as a florist I would make my family’s Christmas wreath using all of the ribbons I could find, foliage from the garden and sparkling decorations. For me, it marked the start of the festive celebrations and welcomed everyone into the house with Christmas cheer. I listened to Bing Crosby’s Christmas songs whilst I made the wreath and I’m sure it made all the difference to the festive-ness of the design.

 Click the image to shop this Christmas wreath on Etsy.

Click the image to shop this Christmas wreath on Etsy.

There aren’t many other more Christmassy things than a fresh fragrant Christmas wreath hanging from your front door. Choosing to have a real wreath gives lots of benefits; you get the scent of the blue spruce, cinnamon, oranges and pine cones, the foliage and moss is biodegradable, you can save lots of the decorations to use next year, you have the freedom to decide exactly how you’d like your wreath to look choosing to match it to your front door, and when people visit you over Christmas they’re greeted by a wonderful festive fragrance.

When I worked in florist shops in London and then Bristol, I made countless wreaths in the build up to Christmas. Over the years I’ve trialed and tested the best ways to make the wreaths and have collected together all my tips to show you how. After trying out lots of ways to attach the decorations onto the wreath I’ve decided not to use a glue gun to attach my decorations because the glue doesn’t hold very securely in cold temperatures. Instead I use florist wire to secure the decorations onto the wreath.

 Click the image to shop the Mixed Spice Wreath on Etsy

Click the image to shop the Mixed Spice Wreath on Etsy

From the wreath practice I’ve had, I’ve made a festive Christmas wreath guide for you to have. It’s a downloadable guide that you can print out and put on the table whilst you make your wreath. Feel free to share it with your friends and family. Why not have a wreath making party together with mulled wine and mince pies!

You can download your Free Christmas Wreath Guide Here.

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If you’d like to get all festive and go to a Christmas wreath workshop this season, you can click the image below to find out more about the workshop I’m hosting this year. You can also get in contact with me here if there’s a group of you who’d love to make Christmas wreaths together, and I can arrange a private workshop for you.

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