At Webb & Farrer, I style flowers by working with their natural beauty. Listening to what you need and understanding the look you'd like from your flowers is a huge part of the job and is as important as making the floral arrangements themselves. 

I'm Alex Barton, founder of Webb & Farrer which is based in Brighton. 

Having always been a creative type, floristry gave me the excuse to design and make things as a job. I've trained in floristry in London and worked in florist shops in London and Bristol. I absolutely love what I do.

The name Webb & Farrer came about because Webb is my Grandma Jean’s maiden name and Farrer is my Grandma Olive’s maiden name. I wanted to use their names so I’d have them with me all the time and to remind me of their gardens that inspired me. In Grandma Webb’s garden I remember tottering down the garden path, underneath the apple trees that led to the greenhouse. Grandma Farrer had such a neat and tidy garden and amazingly enough, she used to let me run around and pull up the huge rhubarb leaves to use in my dance routines.