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Hello there!

I'm Alex Barton

I specialise in flowers. If you’re looking for wedding flowers, a flower workshop, or inspiration and advice on all things flowers, then you’re in the right place.


As you’re here now, I’m guessing you appreciate flowers. You’d love to choose seasonal flowers for your wedding day, find the perfect flower crown in the colours you adore, or simply learn how to arrange flowers in a vase and make them last longer at home.

Whether you’d like your wedding to be adorned with seasonal flowers, to have a flower crown designed just for you, or to develop your flower know-how, then I’m here to help you.

I’ve spent the last 5 years working with flowers. My clients laugh when I can name all the flowers they show me pictures of, but knowing what they're all called is my version of knowing everyone's name in the office. Having worked in flower shops in London and Bristol, I’ve made floral arrangements for BBC TV and Wimbledon Tennis players. I’ve lived in lots of places beginning with B (Birmingham, Balham and Bristol) and now live in my home town Brighton, I couldn’t be away from the sea for too long.

I’m more than happy when

Reading an Agatha Christie book with a coffee

Listening to film sound tracks and singing my heart out, alone or with friends who know me well.

Having long chats with friends and my sister.

On a walk, I love being out in the rain but only if I’m appropriately dressed for it.

Enjoying family meals with nice wine, my Dad’s potato dauphinoise is a marvel and Mum’s chocolate pudding is a dream.

The name Webb and Farrer came about because Webb is my Grandma Jean’s maiden name and Farrer is my Grandma Olive’s maiden name. I wanted to use their names so I’d have them with me all the time and to remind me of their gardens that inspired me. In Grandma Webb’s garden I remember tottering down the garden path, underneath the apple trees that led to the greenhouse. Grandma Farrer had such a neat and tidy garden and amazingly enough, she used to let me run around and pull up the huge rhubarb leaves to use in my dance routines.

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"Alex was the most perfect florist for our day! She knew instinctively what we wanted and got the tone, interest and texture perfect for all of the bridal party. Alex took our ideas and made them elegant, modern and edgy all at the same time. She is a Wonder Woman." Kate, Bride. 2018.

"We can’t thank you enough for the most beautiful flower arrangements we could have ever dreamt of having for our wedding! You are truly wonderful in every way. Not only are you exceptionally professional and attentive, but your talent is unique. You knew exactly what we wanted before we even knew what that was! We would have no hesitation recommending you in future. Thanks so much!" Almas, Bride. 2018.

"Alex created a beautiful bespoke flower crown to wear on my wedding day. From initial contact through to delivery, she couldn't have been more helpful, even meeting me in Brighton to try different crowns on and for me to show her the colours the crown needed to match. Highly recommend." Natalie, Bride. 2018.

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