Hello, I’m Alex

I'm a florist and the founder of Webb and Farrer.

I design and style wedding flowers, wreaths and flower crowns, and I write a flower blog. I’m working on a modern calligraphy and illustrated collection for 2019.

When every season arrives, it becomes my new favourite time of year. I love baking, particularly flapjacks, Victoria sponge, carrot cake, or basically anything that comes out the oven edible.


Click the image to see a selection of wedding flowers I’ve designed and created. You can send me a message here if you’d like to discuss your very own wedding flowers.

Here’s one of the nicest things anyone has said about me and the wedding flowers I made for them: “Alex was the most perfect florist for our day! She knew instinctively what we wanted and got the tone, interest and texture perfect for all of the bridal party. Alex took our ideas and made them elegant, modern and edgy all at the same time. She is a Wonder Woman. Thank you so so much.” Kate, Bride, June 2018.

Every Thursday I post blogs that cover topics such as: 4 Ways to Make Cut Flowers Last, How to Get the Most from a Wedding Fair and How to Make a Flower Crown. If you’d like to see all the blog posts, then head this way.

Because the best things in life are free.

In this Cut Flowers Guide you'll learn ways to extend the life of your cut flowers as well as how to arrange flowers in your favourite vase at home.

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A crown to wear at any opportunity. Your wedding, a festival, a party or just to make the washing up that little bit more enjoyable. Flower crowns are a wistful link to hot summer days of the past when a daisy chain, balanced akimbo on your head, would complete your outfit in the playground. You can shop the Webb and Farrer flower crown collection here on Etsy.

Photo by Sophie Carefull