Hand make something of your own

Over the last few years I've taught flower workshops and noticed that when people get to use flowers, they completely relax. At first, most people are a tad concerned they know nothing about flowers and might kill them with one single touch. But once they work on their project step by step, there's a magical transformation into complete calm.

We have an innate quality within us that's drawn to making something from scratch. A hand made project gives us the chance to put down our phones, slow down, forget the to-do lists and make a flower crown or wreath completely of our own.


Workshops in Brighton this Summer


Summer Wreath Workshop

Make a fresh foliage wreath using eucalyptus and herbs on a copper hoop. Ideal for your kitchen or to hang from your front door.

All the tools you need are provided and the workshop is 2.5 hours long.

£40 per person. Thursday 20th September. Venue in Brighton to be confirmed.

Contact for more details or to reserve your spot.

Thinking of booking a flower workshop for a you and a group of friends? Get in contact on the email address above and we can talk all things flowers (and leaves).