How I'm Choosing Colours for my Brand

I love stormy, rainy and windy weather so when we had all three on Sunday I wrapped up and ventured out. As much as I love a long hot Summer, it blew out the cobwebs to walk along the seafront in the pouring rain and whipping wind. 

Feeling inspired by the stormy grey sky and a visit to one of my favourite shops, Three Angels Hove, I took some photos. The whites, dark yellows, blues, greens and greys of the day where in abundance. I also had to resist deciding to redesign the whole of my flat with the contents of the beautiful shop. 

In September I'm having a brand photoshoot with Sophie Carefull and I'm so excited. I'll be having photos taken that I can use across my website and Instagram. It means I've been thinking about the colours and style I associate with Webb and Farrer a lot more. Designing and making wedding flowers, I get to work with so many colour palettes and all the tones and shades that nature has to offer. Using flowers all the time is an amazing opportunity for colour inspiration, yet it's a challenge to choose just a handful of colours that represent my brand. I love blush pink roses, mustard yellow achillea, deep green foliage leaves, lilac delphinum, creamy cafe au lait dahlias, peach vuvuzela roses and burnt red sanguisorba. But just as it sounds, all those colours together make a lot of noise so it's time to sieve through them and choose only a few for my branding. To help me choose, I'm taking photos of lots of things that inspire me at the moment.

If you're contemplating choosing colours for your wedding, home or next season's wardrobe; going for a wander and taking photos is a good place to start. Today has really helped me hone in on collections of things and views that stood out to me. It wasn't until I got home and looked at all of the photos as a collection together, that I realised most of the colours in the photos linked together. 

From my Sunday walk the colours I really noticed and felt drawn to in particular where deep green, dark yellow and cool white. Looking forward to seeing what happens the next time I go out on a walk for colour inspiration.

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