Styling Your Autumn Wedding with Flowers

Choosing to book your wedding date for Autumn means you have a whole range of rich jewel coloured wedding flowers to choose from and the opportunity to create an intimate and cosy indoor atmosphere. An Autumnal wedding also adds a date to be excited about, in between the slow fading away of Summer and the merry twinkling of Christmas. When Summer's come to an end, I look forward to Autumn bringing ambers, mustard yellows, burnt reds, textured seed heads, dusky dried leaves, and rose hips. Below I've listed seasonal ways to add an Autumnal look to your wedding or event in September, October or November.

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Your venue. Autumn is the ideal time to get married in an intimate and cosy venue. Features that usually accompany this sort of venue are lots of exposed wood, low ceilings, open roaring fires, winding passages and low hanging candelabras. Reading the last sentence back I feel like I've also just described a haunted house! Buildings steeped in history are always full of so many interesting details and usually come with a legendary ghost story.

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Tablescaping. We're talking garlands, goblets, luxuriously velvetty napkins, brass candlesticks, red wine and coloured wax candles. To add to the Game of Thrones banquet feel (minus the gore) it's a great idea to embrace lots of extra details on the tables. With the cosy environment inside and the cold and blustery conditions outdoors, it's much easier to add a lot more on the table without it feeling too fussy. 

Small details make the big picture. Adding autumnal accents brings the whole theme together. If there's a special window, doorway or chandelier at your venue then draw the eye to it by decorating it with a touch of rustic foliage. Add pops of colour to the chairs in your ceremony or dining room with beautiful ribbon and single stems of seasonal flowers. Decorate the wedding cake with flowers and leaves that link in with your bridal bouquet and table centres. Thread your Autumn theme throughout your wedding and venue.   

Flower Crown. An Autumn wedding is the perfect time to wear a flower crown. Include dark red leaves, deep red astilbe, seed heads and duskier foliage and flower tones. Instantly adding relaxed glamour to your wedding day, a flower headdress accompanies you all day and will be in all of the photos of you. I also love a bridal bouquet but a flower crown can’t be forgotten on the top table or discarded on your way to the dance floor.

All of these styling ideas came together with the amazing team of wedding suppliers on our photo shoot. You can see all the suppliers below and I've linked to their websites which will open in a new tab, so you can check them out.

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