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Where to Shop Small this Valentine's

This Valentine’s Day I’m on a quest to shop small, independent and local. I feel like it’s so much more beneficial to the local community when we spend our money on something that a small and independent maker has carefully designed and made. In this blog post I’ve collected 6 makers and designers together to make a virtual Valentine’s market for you to wander around and peruse. I’m sorry there’s no virtual coffee shop invented yet but I suppose you can make yourself a cuppa, sit down and enjoy some small and independent shopping.

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My 5 Favourite Ways to Spend a Day Off

Living in Brighton means I have a plethora of interesting and special things to see and do. Having said that, looking through my list of Day Off things to do below, most of the activities are cosy slippers on options! Through my twenties I started to realise that my day off can be completely shaped by me and the things I actually love doing.

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