5 Seasonal Ideas for Flowers in Spring

Spring erupts each year with new life, a fresh beginning and an inspiring escape from the depths of post Christmas January and February. There are new colours we haven’t seen in nature for months, soft and fluffy baby animals and the warmth of the Summer months starts to ease us out of our coats, scarfs and gloves. Whether you’re thinking about flowers to have in the house for Easter or if you’re thinking of having a Spring wedding, then read on to collect Spring flower inspiration. Below I’ve collected together 5 ideas for flowers in Spring, including flower varieties and colour palettes to opt for.

  1. Ranunculus

These are flowers with the most gorgeous, layered, petally, roughled goodness. They’re an Italian flower, and much like Italian Gelato, come in an array of bright and pastel colours. My favourite type of ranunculus is the Hanoi, which is a blush pink tone and just incredible. If you’re an avid Pinterester then I’m sure you’ve come across these flowers on your pinning missions.

Webb-and-Farrer-Spring-Colour-Palette-Inspiration (1).png

2. Pastel shades

This is the time of year when pastel shades work so naturally and perfectly in the flower world. You can use pastel shades in a way that avoids them being too sickly sweet and instead more romantic and nostalgic. Try pairing a couple of pastel shades together instead of a vast array of them.

I’ve spoken to friends and brides about the time of year they’d like to get married in and Spring is a top contender, particularly because of the flowers available at that time of year. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when there are so many colours and themes to choose from. It’s like walking into a sweet shop and wanting a bit of everything. Choosing around 3 - 5 colours to work with can make decision making so much easier and your wedding colour palette clean and uncluttered. Here I’ve put together a mood board to show how the simplicity of a few Spring colours can combine together to create a subtle pastel arrangement.

Webb-and-Farrer-Spring-Colour-Palette-Inspiration (2).png

3. Hyacinths

For natural scent, these flowers are the winners. They give off a beautiful aroma and also come in gorgeous spring shades of white, pink, lilac, peach and deep blue. Some people can be allergic to the sap that comes from their stems when they’re cut so be careful if you’re thinking of having them in your bouquet. If you’d love to feature them in your wedding, but not have them in your bouquet, then they’re a great flower to use in your table centres because they’re beautiful shapes, full of fragrance and work well alongside larger flowers because of their texture.

Webb-and-Farrer-Spring-Colour-Palette-Inspiration (4).png

4. Pastels and Brights

Last year I was lucky enough to put flowers together for a Wes Anderson themed wedding. The colour palette was amazing and included bright and rich colours alongside softer pastel shades. This type of colour scheme is a great one to consider if you love the pastel shades of Spring but also want to add more definition with more bold and dramatic colours.

Webb-and-Farrer-Spring-Colour-Palette-Inspiration (5).png

5. Narcissus

Narcissus is the name of the family that includes daffodils and paperwhites. If you’re not feeling the bright yellow and orange vibe, narcissus also come in absolutely beautiful shades of white, pale yellow, soft apricot and cream. They’re so pretty scattered through a bridal bouquet and are also great in table centre arrangements because they’re such a structured flower.

Webb-and-Farrer-Spring-Colour-Palette-Inspiration (3).png

With an abundance of flowers and colour tones at this time of year I hope you’re feeling inspired to choose Spring flowers as we escape from Winter into the warmer months. Flowers like hyacinths, ranunculus, narcissus as well as tulips, iris, bluebells and freesia provide so much texture and their colour varieties seem to never end. As long as you stick to a colour palette of 3 - 5 colours, that you think work well together, your Spring flowers will be gorgeous.

Wedding-Flowers-Brighton-Sussex-Florist-Bridal-Webb-and-Farrer (9).JPG

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