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7 Ways to Use your Wedding Flowers Twice

Getting double the use and life out of your wedding flowers means they work extra hard for you on your wedding day. With a few simple tips and tricks you can increase the look and range of your wedding flowers.

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Secrets to Planning your Wedding from Real Brides

The expectation of having the perfect dream wedding day can sometimes pile the pressure on the planning process. To help you spread the fun and excitement of the wedding day across all of the preparation, below are ideas for you to help take the pressure off. Planning a huge party for nigh on 100 guests is something that most of us have never had to do in all our lives. To make sure the high of your engagement isn’t eclipsed by the feeling of impending doom (as you somehow add more to your wedding to-do list than tick off), I've collated tips from brides who've already been through it all.

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